Geopolitical analysis of Eastern Mediterranean competitions using game theory


  • Hamid Darvishvand

Palabras clave:

Mediterráneo oriental, crisis geopolítica, teoría de juegos, disputas marítimas, disputas por el gas


The Eastern Mediterranean is within the center of a transition period. The-
refore, understanding the interests of local and extra-regional actors would

help to understand the possible future of this region. Due to its geopolitical

significance, this area has developed into a battleground for regional and glo-
bal entities that have competing interests. The authorities in the area were

motivated to conduct exploratory operations and multilateral cooperation in
the Eastern Mediterranean region after new gas resources were found in the
waters off the coasts of Egypt and Cyprus. This process led to an increase
in Turkey’s, Israel’s, and the neighboring states’ geopolitical activities in the
Eastern Mediterranean on both a regional and an international scale. These
geopolitical requirements are tied to these nations’ strategic requirements. The

goal of this essay was to use game theory to evaluate geopolitically the compe-
tition between the Eastern Mediterranean nations and to offer answers to any

issues that may have arisen. The research was descriptive-analytical, and the
information was gathered through online and library resources, depending on
historical material and available proof.

Biografía del autor/a

Hamid Darvishvand

Department of International Relations, Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.