Recognition of different strategy in response to developments in Syria


  • Sahar Khaki

Palabras clave:

Estados Unidos,, Rusia,, Desarrollos en Siria,, Estrategia,, Realismo Agresivo,, Intereses Estratégicos


The Syrian crisis is one of the most challenging security and political events
within side the Middle East. Each of the actors within side the worldwide
area has taken one-of-a-kind strategies to the traits in Syria primarily based
totally on their interests. The strategy of the USA and Russia as two world
superpowers has continuously been manifested in various forms. The purpose
of this study was to understand the type of strategy of the USA and Russia
towards the developments in Syria. The research question was “what policy do
the USA and Russia pursue in their new strategy towards the developments in
Syria?” In response to the question, it has been hypothesized that the USA has
pursued an aggressive and active policy towards the developments in Syria so
as to realize its interests and goals, whereas Russia’s strategy in Syria has been
to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Therefore, in the current study, various
aspects of the US and Russian strategies in response to the Syrian crisis
have been studied and evaluated using descriptive-analytical methods.