Job satisfaction and employee performance in Nasarawa State Water Board, Lafia, Nigeria

Aule Oravee


The efforts made by employees in production determines the overall performance
of the organization. Management in organizations therefore, strives
to enhance the performance of their workers through different rewards to
increase job satisfaction and, consequently employee performance. The study
examined how intrinsic and extrinsic rewards affected employee performance
at the Nasarawa State Water Board (NSWB) in Lafia. Information for the
study were collected through secondary sources (text books, official records,
journal publications) and through field survey using questionnaire and interview
as instruments. Analyses of the data revealed that though job satisfaction
at the NSWB impacted positively on the performance of employees of
the agency, it cannot be effectively achieved through hygiene factors alone.
The paper therefore recommends, among others that the agency should give
more attention to financial rewards to enable staff of the organization to
meet their primary needs for maximum job satisfaction and consequently employee

Palabras clave

Satisfaction; Motivation; Needs; Performance; Water

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